Nadow Family History

This project traces the ancestry of Conrad’s father’s mother, who was born Flora Harriet Nadow. The project received a major boost in September 2008 from Robert Leroux of Attleboro MA, who single-handedly traced most of our French Canadian ancestry for us.

Flora Harriet Nadow was born in Westport, CT, in 1883, a daughter of Maxim Nadow and Hattie Paquin. Maxim was born in Swanton, VT, circa 1845, a son of Benjamin Nadow and Josephine St. George. And Hattie (Harriet) was born in Grondines, in the Province of Quebec, Canada, in 1846, a daughter of Eustache Paquin and Louise Sauvageau.

We believe that Benjamin Nadow was born Jean Baptiste Cyprien Nadeau in Verchères, Quebec, in 1823, son of Jean Baptiste Nadeau and Louise Beaupré. We’re still working on the certification of this link. We believe that Cyprien, along with his sisters Gilett and Sophie and their husbands and young families, left Verchères for Swanton, Vermont, sometime in the early 1840’s, or perhaps even the late 1830’s. This was the time of the Lower Canada Rebellion (1837-1838), when many French Canadians fled to the U.S. to avoid punishment for their involvement.

Josephine (St. George) Nadow was born Marie Odille Laporte dite St. George in Sorel, Quebec, in 1829, daughter of Joseph Laporte dit St. George and Marguerite Arpin dite Poitvin.

Grondines, Verchères and Sorel are all along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, and the route down the Richelieu river valley to Swanton and St. Albans, Vermont, was a popular migration trail. You can read more about the Paquin, Nadeau and Laporte dit St. George families, and their paternal lines to France, via the links listed below. Even though we now know a lot about our French Canadian ancestry we’re still looking for more old pictures and stories, and more records to tie everything more tightly together. So we seek your help, and hope to hear from you. Contact Conrad at cwterrill@comcast.net.

Maxim Nadow Family Sheet (PDF, 22 KB, 30 Jan. 2009)

Benjamin Nadow Sr. Family Sheet (PDF, 33 KB, 30 Jan. 2009)

Notes on the Nadow Family, by C. Terrill, 1983 (PDF, 61 KB, 23 May 2008)

Nadeau / Paquin / St. George Links to Canada, by CWT, Sep. 2010

Nadeau / Paquin / Laporte dit St George Paternal Lines to France, by CWT, Sep. 2010

Benjamin Nadow Jr.'s Civil War pension file papers, by CWT, Feb. 2011

A Maxim & Hattie Nadow Family Picture Album (PDF, 5.1 MB, 5/23/2008)

Hattie Paquin Nadow's Tree (PDF, 21 KB, 9/3/2008)

Maxim Nadow's Tree (PDF, 21 KB, 9/23/2008)

Jean Baptiste Nadeau family sheet (PDF, 19 KB, 9/17/2008)

Joseph Laporte dit St. George family sheet (PDF, 31 KB, 11/1/2008)

Eustache Paquin family sheet (PDF, 23 KB, 10/19/2008)

The Search for the Roots of Harriet Paquin (PDF, 27 KB, 9/7/2008)

Nadeau / Paquin / Laporte dit St. George Ancestral Lines to France (PDF, 645 KB, 9/30/2008)

The name of Josephine St. George (PDF, 14 KB, 9/11/2008)

Records History - Benj Nadow and Jos St George - 1 (PDF, 36 KB, 9/11/2008)

The Alexander St. George Story (PDF, 2.1 MB, 11/20/2008)

St. George - Records History (HTML, 11/10/2008)


Maxim Nadow (c1846-1904).  (JPEG, 571 KB)

Harriet ("Hattie") (Paquin) Nadow (1846-1889).  (JPEG, 593 KB)

Benjamin Jr. & Mary (Hill) Nadow.  (JPEG, 572 KB)

The Benjamin Nadow farm, West Swanzey, NH (JPEG, 462 KB)

Mary (Hill) Nadow (1846-1906) and Hazel Nittrowr (1897-1993) (JPEG, 162 KB)

George & Jenny (Prince) Nadeau, on their farm in Jefferson (part of Holden), MA, in 1914.  (JPEG, 613 KB)

Fred Nadow (1872-1923) and possibly his grandfather Benjamin (Cyprien) Nadow (1823-1905).  (Fred's other grandfather, Eustache Paquin, died in 1883.)  (JPEG, 585 KB)

Walton Dexter Knight (1865-1929) and wife Mary (Nadow) (1866-1943) in the 1920’s (JPEG, 640 KB)

Mary (Nadow) Knight (1866-1943), in the 1920’s (JPEG, 662 KB)

Emma (Nadow) Greene (1868-?), horse and buggy (JPEG, 277 KB)

The Walton Knight family, probably in Derry, NH, circa 1906 (JPEG, 605 KB)

Benjamin Nadow family U.S. Census records

(For transcriptions and source information, see "Records History - Benj Nadow and Jos St George - 1," on Nadow project page.)

1850 (Peter Ladoe household, lines 5 to 9)

1860 (Benjamin Nadon household, lines 25 to 35)

1870 (Benj. Neddo household, lines 28 to 39)

1880 p. 1 (Benjamin Nado and Peter Joshin households, lines 41 to 50
1880 p. 2 (remainder of Peter Joshin household, line 1)

1900 (Benjamin is in the Maxim Nadeau household, lines 75 to 79)