Nadow story

Nadeau / Paquin / Laporte dit St. George Paternal Lines to France

by Conrad W. Terrill, Sept. 2010 (first published Sept. 2008)

Contents:  Lines of Maxim Nadow,  Hattie Paquin,  Josephine St. GeorgeReferences

 Places in Canada mentioned in the ancestral lines

(SAsR is St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu.  Château-Richer is north of St-Famille, across the river.)

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Places in France mentioned in the ancestry lines

Maxim Nadow’s Paternal Line

Maxim Nadow (b. ~1845, Swanton, VT)
m. 18 Aug. 1866, Douglas, MA,
M. Henriette Paquin (b. 14 Oct. 1846, St-Charles-des-Grondines, Québec,
 dau. of Eustache Paquin & M. Louise Sauvageau).MR1,DQ

Benjamin Nadow (b. Jean Baptiste Cyprien Nadeau, 1823, Verchères, Québec)DQ
m. ~1845 (and again  25 Apr. 1852, Swanton, VT, a “réhabilitation marriage”),
M. Odile Laporte dite St. George (b. 27 Mar. 1829, St-Pierre-de-Sorel, Québec,
 dau. of Joseph Marie Laporte dit St. George & M. Marguerite Arpin dite Poitvin).DQ

Jean Baptiste Nadeau (b. 1787, Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montréal, Québec)
m. 21 Feb. 1814, Verchères, Quebec,
M. Louise Beaupré (b. 1795, Verchères, Québec, dau. of Charles Beaupré &
M. Magdeleine Banlier dite Lapalme?).DQ

Joseph Nadeau
 m. 18 Nov. 1777, Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Montréal, Québec,
M. Josephe Rouillard-Gauvin (b. ~1757, daughter of Pierre Rouillard-Gauvin &
 M. Josephte Truchon).RD,DQ  {Note: The RD  year for this marriage (1797) is incorrect.}

Jean Baptiste Nadeau
 m. 14 Nov. 1746, St-Pierre-du-Sud, Montmagny, Québec,
M. Marthe Fournier (daughter of Simon Fournier & Marthe Bouchard).RD,FG

Jean Baptiste Nadeau
 m. 25 Nov. 1721, Berthier-en-Bas, Québec,
Marguerite Carbonneau, (b. ~1702, dau. of Prisque Carbonneau & Marguerite Landry).RD,FG

Jean Baptiste Nadeau (b. ~1668, La Gué-de-Velluire, Vendée, France)
m. 30 Oct. 1696, at St-Jean, Île d’Orléans, Montmorency, Québec,
Marie Anne Dumont (b. ~1672, dau. of Julien Dumont & Catherine Topsan,
  d. 12 Jan. 1756, bur. 13 Jan., Berthier-en-Bas).RD,FG

Jean Nadeau (of Le Gué-de-Velluire, France)
m. before 1668,
Marie Raffel.RD,FG

Hattie Paquin’s Paternal Line

Harriet Paquin (b. M. Henriette Paquin, 14 Oct. 1846, St-Charles-des-Grondines, Québec)
m. 18 Aug. 1866, Douglas, MA,
Maxim Nadow (b. ~1845, Swanton, VT (see above)).

 J. Eustache Paquin (b. 24 Mar. 1804, St-Charles-des-Grondines)
m. 15 Jan. 1833, St-Charles-des-Grondines,
M. Louise Sauvageau (b. 10 Apr. 1812, St-Joseph-de-Deschambault, Quebec,
  dau. of Joseph Sauvageau Jr. & Nathalie Garriépy).DQ

Joseph Paquin
m. 2? Feb. 1802, St-Charles-des-Grondines,
Marie Joseph Arcan (dau. of Jean Baptiste Arcan & Marie Joseph Martin)DQ

Pierre Paquin
m. 21 Jan. 1771, St-Joseph-de-Deschambault
Marie Joseph Sauvageau (dau. of Louis Sauvageau & Ursule Naud).RD,DQ

Paul Paquin
m. 6 May 1737, St-Joseph-de-Deschambault,
M. Josephte Arcan (daughter of Pierre Arcan & Véronique Cochon-Laverdière).RD,DQ

Nicolas Paquin (of St-Famille de Île de St. Laurent (= Île d’Orléans, I think))
m. 10 Oct. 1705, Contrat Notaire Chambalon (marriage contract drawn up by notary Louis Chambalon),
M. Anne Perrot-Lagorce (daughter of Paul Perrot-Lagorce and Marie Chrétien, of the parish and seigneurie of Deschambault).RD,DQ

Nicolas Paquin
m. 16 Nov. 1676, Château-Richer
M. Françoise Plante (daughter of Jean Plante and Françoise Boucher).RD

Jean Paquin (master carpenter of la Poterie-Cap-D’Antifer, in the Archdiocese of Rouen, Normandie)
Renée Fremont.RD

Josephine St. George’s Paternal Line

 Josephine St. George (b. M. Odile Laporte dite St. George, 27 Mar. 1829, St-Pierre-de-Sorel, Québec)

m. ~1845 (and again  25 Apr. 1852, Swanton, VT, a “réhabilitation marriage”),
Benjamin Nadow (b. ~1823, Canada (see above)).DQ

Joseph Marie Laporte dit St. George (b. 31 Dec. 1777, St-Pierre-de-Sorel,
m. 14 Apr. 1823, St-Ours, Québec,
M. Marguerite Arpin dite Poitvin (b.  1 Apr. 1795, Contrecoeur Ste-Trinité,
  dau. of René Arpin dit Poitvin & Marie Belette).RW1,DQ

François Laporte (b. 19 Nov. 1727, Contrecoeur, Québec)
m2. 9 Jan. 1777, St-Antoine-sur-Richelieu.
Josephe Houle.RW1,DQ

François Laporte
m. 21 Jun. 1721, Bécancour, Québec,
M. Louise Chefdevergne (b. ?? ___ 1695, dau. of Louis Chefdevergne & Françoise Dupont), RD,RW1,DQ

Jacques Laporte (b. 26 Oct. 1665, Montréal)
m. 9 Jan. 1687, Contrecoeur
Madeleine Paviot (b. 1671, Contrecoeur, dau. of Jacques Paviot & Anne Michel).RD,RW1

Jacques de Laporte ( b. 1627, Nocé, Perche, France; d. 26 Jan. 1702, Contrecoeur, Québec).RD,RW1
m. 3 Sep. 1657, Montréal,
Nicole Duchesne (b. ~1636, Villevaudé, Seine et Marne, France).RD,RW1

Jacques de Laporte, b. 1596, Nocé, Perche, France;
m. 6 Jun. 1626, Nocé, Perche, France,
Marie Hamelin (b. in Villevaudé, Seine et Marne).RD,RW1

For more informatation concerning Jacques de Laporte dit St-Georges, see:


From Wikipedia, on “Perche”:  In the 17th century, a large number of immigrants to New France came from Perche. Many were recuited in the 1630s and 1650s to work for the Church missonaries and the nobles who were establishing estates on the St. Lawrence River. While the total number of emigrants were few, Perche had a much higher rate of emigration to New France than most other regions of France. Nearly all French Canadians have some ancestors who came from the villages of Perche.


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