Middlefield History

The Terrill family history is intertwined with Middlefield, Connecticut, history. Conrad's great-great-grandfather Moses Weld Terrill moved to Middlefield in 1861, but the relationship goes back further because MWT's son Fred married Mary Ida-Louise Skinner, whose Middlefield roots go far back. So we're very interested in Middlefield history, above and beyond the history of the Metropolitan Washing Machine Company.

We don’t intend to write a history of Middlefield, although we’ve certainly learned a lot of Middlefield history during the course of this project so far.  We want to share that, and we want to learn more, as it relates to our project.  Mary Ida-Louise Skinner’s father Albert Skinner moved to Middlefield from Haddam in the late 1820’s, and he became a wood-turner in Middlefield.  There was a Horace Skinner already in Middlefield by that time, and we’d like to know the connection between Albert and Horace.  Albert Skinner married Almira Wilcox Bailey, the brother of Alfred M. Bailey (Can anyone tell us what his middle name was?) who designed and supervised the construction of the reservoir dam at Baileyville.  Almira’s grandfather Capt. Oliver Bailey settled in Middlefield in the late 1700’s.  And Almira’s mother was Maria Ward, whose ancestry goes back in Middlefield a number of generations, we believe.  We expect that our Terrill family history project will yield much of interest to Middlefield historians.  Whatever we manage to learn will end up in the Middlefield Historical Society’s collections, in some form.  Contact Conrad (cwterrill@comcast.net) if you have questions or answers, or anything in-between.

So here are some items we have managed to collect during the course of our research:

Ken & Cy Recordings, Cy Fowler interviewing Ken Fowler, 1984-85, on Middlefield history

Middlefield School Pictures, late 1800s through 1930s

Middlefield Families -- Past and Present, by Donald S. Barber, 1995 (Preliminary)