Middlefield Project

Ken & Cy Recordings


Throughout 1984-1985 Ken Fowler, of Middlefield, got together frequently with distant cousin Cy Fowler, also of Middlefield, to talk about Middlefield history, much of it from before Cy was born (1929), and much from before Ken was born (1908), too.  Ken and Cy, interested in Middlefield history all their lives, listened to and absorbed many stories told by elders when they were young, and remembered a great deal, to our great fortune.

The recordings are in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format, which allows them to be highly compressed.  This format can be played by Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded free.  For free and paid conversion apps allowing you to play these recordings on an Apple Mac, see this link.

 This is a work in progress.  Recordings on other topics will be added as we find the time.  And the introductions are not necessarily in final form.








Lyman A. Mills


Recording (7.5 MB)



Ellen Doyle


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John Bickford


Recording (7.1 MB)