Middlefield Project

Middlefield Families — Past and Present

by Donald S. Barber, 1995 (Preliminary)

(Click here to see the book, PDF, 25.3 MB)

This is a work in progress because Don Barber considers his book  not ready for publication in final form.  Don and his wife lived in Middlefield from 1986 to 1999, and then returned to Vermont.  He left a copy of this volume in the Middlefield Town Hall, which is where I found it in May of 2009.  Don handed off the finishing-up of this project to me in July of 2010.  My plan is, first, to make the work accessible to interested parties, so that they can check it and inform me of errors and omissions.  I also plan to check what I can from sources available to me.  Since I live in Maryland it would be difficult for me to check some of Don’s sources—in particular the Middlefield Town Records (Births, Marriages, Deaths), which are accesible only to card-carrying genealogists at the Middlefield Town Hall, I believe.  So, if anyone is willing to check all or parts of those, that would be a tremendous help.

In my own opinion, Don’s book is of great value as-is, with the understanding that information should be checked against original sources.  I’ve always felt that information should be checked anyways, and Don points out where it can be checked.  There is an incredible amount of information in this book—information which would have been difficult for most of us to obtain on our own.

So if anyone wishes to submit corrections, additions, or whatever, please submit them to me:

  . . . . . . Conrad Terrill, cwterrill@comcast.net