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Middlefield School Pictures


This is an assortment, copied from various sources, of Middlefield school pictures from the late 1800s through the 1930s.  Most were scanned by Ray Hubbard, former Middlefield Center School teacher, who also collected and transcribed the identification information, all of this in the mid-1980s.  Many of the pictures were from the collection of Mildred Smith Fowler (Mrs. Kenneth L. Fowler) (1911-1988), who taught for many years at Middlefield Public School, starting from 1930, and who was able to remember the names of most of her students.  Joan Fowler Lombardo, Mildred’s daughter, has since donated these pictures to the Middlefield Historical Society.

Should you recognize any unidentified persons, or care to correct any misidentified person, please let me know.  And if you have other school pictures from this era, I hope you let me know about those, so we can arrange to add the images to this collection.  All contributions will  be shared with the Middlefield Historical Society.

  . . . . . . Conrad Terrill (cwterrill@comcast.net)


This is a work in progress.  We'll be adding more images as we find time.


A Middlefield school picture c. 1904-06 (JPEG, 1.6 MB)  (Notes on this picture)

Middlefield Public School - Grade 1- 1930-31 (Teacher: Mildred Smith) (JPEG, 608 KB)

Middlefield Public School - Grade 1- 1931-32 (Teacher: Mildred Smith) (JPEG, 592 KB)

Middlefield Public School - Grade 2 - 1932-33 (Teacher: Mildred Smith) (JPEG, 586 KB)

Middlefield Public School - Grade 2 - 1933-1934 (Teacher: Mildred Smith) (JPEG, 730 KB)

Middlefield Public School - Teachers - 1933-1934 (JPEG, 499 KB)

Middlefield Public School - Grade 2 - 1934-1935 (Teacher - Mildred Smith) (JPEG, 650 KB)

Middlefield Public School - Staff - 1934-1935 (JPEG, 520 KB)