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Robert Clark (1847-1929) &
Adeline Wittkopf (1853-1932)

This version of the story, already appreciably obsolete, has been rendered more obsolete by additional information from the collection of John Parker Clark (1929-1993), grandson of Robert & Adeline Clark.  In particular, John’s story The Clarks adds tremendously.

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(Sources for some of the following may be found in our “family sheet” and “records history” for this family.)

Robert Clark, son of Richard P. and Mary (Slater), was born 16 Aug. 1846, probably near the village of Texas just south of Cockeysville in Baltimore County, MD.  In 1870, at age 24, he appears to have been working on the farm of John Parlett, age 42, a wealthy farmer in the 11th District of Baltimore County, southeast of Texas.  (John T. D. Parlett’s 258 acre farm can be found on the 1877 Hopkins Baltimore County map, between Harford Turnpike and the “north branch” of that turnpike, just north of Long Green Run.)  In 1875 Robert married Adeline Wittkopf, daughter of August and Eleanor (Hellwig), whose family had just moved to Baltimore County from the area of Detroit, Michigan, two or three years earlier.  Adeline was born 1 Oct. 1853 in Detroit.  Her parents had immigrated from what is now Germany only a few years before her birth, separately, meeting and marrying in America.  (To read more about August Wittkopf and Eleanor Hellwig click here.)  Robert and Adeline’s first child, Harry, was born in May of 1877, at Arlington, about six miles northwest of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, on Reisterstown Turnpike, near present-day Pimlico Racetrack.  We cannot find the family in the 1880 federal census, but Adeline’s parents’ household, in Pikesville, was three miles farther out on Reisterstown Turnpike.

Children of Robert & Adeline Clark
Harry Richard Clark, b. 12 May 1877
August Wittkopf Clark, b. 25 Aug. 1879
Eleanor Mary Clark, b. 28 Mar. 1882
Grace Lillian Clark, b. 16 Dec. 1883
Lelia May Clark, b. 4 Jan. 1886
Robert Otto Clark, b. 18 Jun. 1887
George Benjamin Clark, b. 22 Mar. 1897
Nora Clark, d. before 1900

Robert & Adeline and family

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Robert and Adeline’s third child, Eleanor, was born in March of 1882 at Timonium, about two miles southeast of Robert’s native Texas.  Starting with their fourth child, Grace, born in December of 1883, all the rest of the children were born in Dulaneys Valley, about four miles east of Texas, on land perhaps covered by today’s Loch Raven Reservoir.  By this time they were perhaps renting a farm.  They were still there, in 1900, by which time they may have owned a farm (it’s not clear in the 1900 Census).  The year before, son Harry had married Lillie May, daughter of neighboring farmer William Turnbaugh.  And two years later August would marry Lillie’s younger sister, Mary Elizabeth.

By April of 1910 the family was living on Bellona Avenue in Lutherville, where Robert had opened a laundry business.  August was a clerk for the business, and Robert O. and George, wagon drivers, may have picked up and delivered laundry.  All three sons were living at home with Robert and Adeline.  According to a Baltimore County farmer’s directory Robert still had the business in 1915.  By January of 1920, at age 73, however, Robert had retired from business and owned a house in Lutherville, on Lincoln Avenue (which crosses Bellona Avenue).  Robert O., a mechanic in an auto shop who would get married the next year, was the only child still living at home.

Robert died on 3 May 1929, and Adeline died 2 Feb. 1932.  They lie buried in Sherwood Episcopal Church Cemetery, in Cockeysville, near Robert’s parents.