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The Collection of John Parker Clark - the Clark part

John P. Clark (1929-1993), son of Robert Otto & Sadie (Robinson) Clark and grandson of Robert & Adeline (Wittkopf) Clark, was intensely interested in his Clark and Wittkopf family history.  His stories, The Clarks and The Wittkopf Family History, sum up what he had learned by the late 1980’s, perhaps; but he learned more after that.  Some of this has been passed along to us by George J. Clark, who worked with John from time to time.  The rest has been contributed by John’s widow, Christine, and daughter Karen. The Wittkopf part of John's collection made be found in our Wittkopf project. pages. One very nice item in John’s Clark collection is a picture of Nonesuch, the Robert & Adeline Clark farm in Dulaney’s Valley, Baltimore County, Maryland, circa 1900.

Family history by John P. Clark  (probably written in the 1980’s)

The Clark’s (PDF, 2.6 MB)


Nonesuch, the Dulaneys Valley farm of Robert & Adeline Clark, c. 1900 (JPEG, 871)
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Robert & Adeline Clark, and Robert O. & Sadie Clark, and others, c. 1921 (JPEG, 1.0 MB)
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Robert O. & Sadie Clark, 1944, at their home (JPEG, 713 KB)

Clark family reunion, 1921 (JPEG, 1.0 MB)
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Mary C. Robinson (Sadie’s mother), 1922 (JPEG, 570 KB)

Robert Otto Clark, 30 Sep. 1918, Germany (JPEG, 467 KB)

Robert O. & Sadie (Robinson) Clark (JPEG, 494 KB)

Robert Otto Clark (JPEG, 423 KB)

Sadie (Robinson) Clark and daughter Deane, 1921 (JPEG, 660 KB)

Sadie Robinson (JPEG, 660 KB)

Sadie Robinson, 1918 (JPEG, 634 KB)

Margaret Deane Clark c. 1939 (JPEG, 709 KB)

John Parker Clark c. 1945 (JPEG, 759 KB)

The Robert O. & Sadie Clark house in Lutherville, formerly the Robert & Adeline Clark house (JPEG, 739 KB)