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Robert & Adeline (Wittkopf) Clark family pictures

This is our collection of pictures of Robert & Adeline Clark and their children and grandchildren.  If you have pictures to add we'd very much like to hear from you.  We're looking primarily for pictures of Robert, his parents and siblings, Adeline, her parents and siblings, and the children of R & A and their families.  We'll be happy to work with you on how to contribute copies of those pictures.  Contact Conrad (

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Robert and Adeline and children (with spouses) and grandchildren, ~1922. 

The picture is labeled with the names of all the people in it.  We think all of the children and their spouses are there.  One grandchild, Gus's son Otto, age 19, is missing.  George's daughter Lelia, born ~1922, was probably born after this picture was taken.  (From the collection of Marie Warfel Polley, 1983.)

Left: Adeline (Wittkopf) Clark ~1920's.
Right: The John & Grace (Clark) Warfel family, ~1924.

Left: Robert Otto & Sadie (Robinson) Clark & daughter Margaret Deane, ~1922.
Right:Dave Warfel and a boy, 1920's.

Robert & Adeline and children, ~1922

Robert & Adeline (Wittkopf) Clark, seated, and children: (L to R) Gus, George, Grace, Robert, Eleanor, Harry and Lelia. (From the collection of Marie Warfel Polley, 1983.)

Grandchildren ~1922

All of the grandchildren who were alive at that time are in this picture except for Gus's son Otto, age 19, and daughter Edith, 11.  Edith is in the picture of everyone, though.  (From the collection of Marie Warfel Polley, 1983.)

A Clark party, around 1921.