Atkinson Family History

This project traces the ancestry of Conrad Terrill’s mother’s father, Conrad Aloysius Atkinson, born 1883, in Ellicott City, MD.  Conrad has been working on this off and on (mostly off) since 1982.

Conrad Aloysius Atkinson’s paternal line consists of (starting with his father): Charles Hough Atkinson (b. 1847), Amos Gilbert Atkinson (b. 1806), Joseph Atkinson (b. 1763), Joseph Atkinson (b. 1716), William Atkinson (b. 1681), Thomas Atkinson (b. before 1660), and John Atkinson, of “Thrush-Cross,” Yorkshire, England.  Thomas Atkinson was the immigrant-to-America ancestor.  He immigrated in 1681.  Oliver Hough wrote six articles on the “Atkinson Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania” for the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography in 1906 and 1907 (see link to copy, below).  In these articles he very thoroughly traced the ancestry of Joseph Atkinson (b. 1763)—although he only just mentioned this Joseph’s name.  What Conrad wants to do is to write a history covering the lives of each member of this line from Charles H. Atkinson to Joseph Atkinson (b. 1763), and he’d love your help.  He may extend this history to cover the earlier Atkinsons, but he would cover them in different way from that of Mr. Hough.  He wants to try to “bring them to life” (in a limited sense, of course).  He wants to add historical context.  In addition to this paternal line Conrad plans to cover some maternal lines:

Elizabeth Ells (b. 1853 or 1854), daughter of Conrad Ells (b. ~1817) and Anna Maria Christina Wolfe (b. ~1826), was the wife of Charles H. Atkinson. You can read more about the Conrad Ells and Mary Wolfe family on our Conrad Ells family page (see below).

Anna Maria Louisa Kirk (b. ~1810, and we don’t know the names of her parents) was the wife of Amos G. Atkinson.

Rachel Child (b. 1763), daughter of Isaac Child (b. 1734) and Rachel Bradshaw, was the wife of Joseph Atkinson (b. 1763).

By the way, Conrad has also written about Conrad A. Atkinson and his wife Margaret M. Grindell, and their family.  See "Mary Atkinson's Story, below.

We want your help!  We’re interested in learning of whatever material may exist relating to the lives of the people mentioned above.  This includes letters, records, pictures, stories, newspaper articles and anything else that might be useful.  And if you’d like to do research, we may have some suggestions.  Help us write the Atkinson family history.  Contact Conrad (cwterrill@comcast.net).

The Conrad Ells family

Atkinson Archives

The Joseph Atkinson & Rachel Child 1788 Marriage Certificate (PDF, 666 KB)

The Amos Gilbert Atkinson Family Bible (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Charles H. Atkinson Family Sheet (PDF, 17 KB)

Amos G. Atkinson Family Sheet (PDF, 17 KB)

Joseph Atkinson Family Sheet (PDF, 17 KB)

A Joseph Atkinson Family History, by Conrad W. Terrill, 1983 (PDF, 6.6 MB)

Mary Atkinson’s Story, by Mary Atkinson Terrill, 2007 (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Atkinson Families of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, by Oliver Hough, pub. in Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1906 & 1907 (PDF, 37.6 MB)