Middlefield Project

Notes on a Middlefield school picture from circa 1904-1906

Conrad W. Terrill, 12 July 2010

(The picture, JPEG, 1.58 MB)

I scanned this picture from Barbara Cummings Parmelee’s collection in Middlefield in 2008.  Barbara recognized only one person—her uncle, Paul Ferrin Terrill (1894-~1954).  Barbara’s mother, Marie Ward Terrill (1896-1980), apparently is not in the picture.  My date for the picture is based on Paul’s apparent age, which I judge to be 10 to 12.  This picture is actually labeled, on the back, but the names of the girls and the teachers (everyone in the top row) were on a part of the picture which has been lost.  (See the whole photograph, JPEG, 379 KB.)  The names of the boys are hard to read.  (See the back, JPEG, 859 KB. )  (And an enhancement of the names, JPEG, 607 KB.)  Here’s my transcription:

17 (___ Potter)?
18 Earl Tewksbury Feb. 1890
19 Fred (Scot)?
20 Raymond Miller Nov. 1892
21 Maynard (Petit)? (May 1893)?
22 Elihu Lyman Apr. 1894
23 Paul Terrill Sep. 1894
24 De Lloyd Bebee Jan. 1894
25 Lyonel Windridge Dec. 1892
26 (James Bartholomew)? (Nov. 1891)?
27 Lawrence Moran Aug. 1893
28 (Harold J. ___)?

(I’m very uncertain about “Potter” and “Harold J.”).  Many of these boys can be found in the 1900 US Census, in Middlefield (Earl C. Tewksbury, Raymond F. Miller, Charles Elihu Lyman Jr., Paul F. Terrill, Thomas Lionel Windridge and Lawrence Moran).  This is where the birth dates have come from.  De Lloyd E. Beebe, however, appears (and I doubt that there could have been two “De Lloyd Bebees”) to have been the son of Samuel C. and Annie M, of Norwich (33 miles east of Middlefield) in 1900.  In 1910 his parents were still in Norwich, but De Lloyd was not, although he was there in 1920.  And Maynard (Petit)? may have been a J. Maynard Pettit, son of John T. & Adeline, of Cheshire (10 miles west of Middlefield) in 1900.  In 1910 Maynard and his parents lived in the Bronx, NYC, NY.  (James Bartholomew)? may have been a James H. Bartholomew, son of Bertram L. & Annie, of Wallingford (7 miles SW of Middlefield) in 1900.  In 1910 James was with them in Meriden (next town west of Middlefield).

If you can make out any others of the names, or if you know the names of any of the other persons in the picture, let me know (cwterrill@comcast.net) and I’ll add them to the caption.