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Ellen Doyle (~1856 to after 1930)




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Introductory comments by Conrad Terrill, July 2010:




†† As a boy Ken used to take his familyís laundry to Ellen Doyle to be cleaned, and Ellen would pump him for information on what was happening in town.And he was one of the gang which on occasion teased her mercilessly, making sure to stay out of range so that she was unable to douse them with water from the buckets she was carrying.


†† From census records:Ellen M. Doyle was born about 1856 in Ireland, in what became in 1922 the Irish Free Stateónow the Republic of Ireland, which includes all of Ireland except British Northern Ireland.She came to America in the 1860s with her father, Michael (~1814-?), and her brothers, John (~1851-?) and Patrick (~1852-?).If Ellenís mother came with them then she must have died before 1870.By that year the rest were all living in Middlefield (possibly in the place identified on the 1874 Beers map).1Michael was working as a laborer, John as a farm laborer, and Patrick as an iron founder, and Ellen at thirteen was undoubtedly already keeping house.By 1880 Michael was a farmer, Ellen was keeping house, and John and Patrick were working in the wringer shop (the Metropolitan Washing Machine Co.).By 1900 Ellen was on her own in Middlefield, a farmer who owned her own farm, free of mortgage.If she was in Middlefield in 1910, she apparently missed census enumeration.By 1920, at age ~64, she still owned the farm, but was working on her own account as a launderess.And by 1930 (the last census currently available) she was living on Centre Street in Middlefield, and not working.She never married, and she never bacame an American citizen.2-6




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