Grindell Family History

This project traces the ancestry of Conradís motherís mother, who was born Margaret M. Grindell. Conrad and those who have helped him have accumulated records, pictures and stories, and Conrad finished a book in 1998 which incorporated everything that had been collected by then (and nothing new has been discovered since).

Margaret M. (for Mary?) Grindell, was born in Cumberland, MD, in 1879. Her father was George Washington Grindell, born in Baltimore, MD, about 1845, and her mother was Ellen B. (for Bridget?) Shearan, born in Mount Savage, MD, in 1856. Not too much is known about George W. Grindellís ancestry, but that didnít stop Conrad from throwing a lot of speculation into his book. In the case of Ellen B. Shearan, at least we were able to determine who her parents were: Michael Shearan and Bridget Reynolds, both of whom were born in Ireland and came to America in the mid-19th century. Michael was killed in an accident in 1857, and Bridget married again in 1859 to Andrew Whelan (or Whalen) in Pittsburgh, PA. So this Whelan family is included in the project. And Ellenís sister Mary Shearan married Thomas McGovern, probably in Pittsburgh, ~1879, and this McGovern family is included in the project too. We donít know the names of the parents of Bridget Reynolds and Michael Shearan, and we donít know where in Ireland they came from. If you have any information on this, or on the ancestry of George W. Grindell, or any records, pictures or stories concerning any of the people mentioned here, then we hope to hear from you. Contact Conrad at cwterrill@comcast.net.

The book:

A History of the George and Ellen Grindell Family of Cumberland, Maryland, by Conrad W. Terrill, 1998 (PDF, 18.2 MB)