Clark project

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Clark Family History

by Conrad W. Terrill, &
Harry Richard Clark III,
George James Clark,

(These pages are presently under continuous construction)

This project traces the ancestry of my half-brother, Harry Richard Clark. Richard and I started work on this in the early 1980ís, kept it up for a few years, and are only just now (late 2011) resuming. One of the people Rich met thirty years ago was George James Clark, a fellow great-grandson of Robert Clark who has joined our effort (Feb. 2012). George has done a great deal of Clark/Wittkopf family history work; and worked closely with John Parker Clark, a grandson of Robert Clark who had done the same. John died in 1993. Marie Warfel Polley, a granddaughter of Robert Clark, contributed wonderful Clark family pictures in 1983. One more contributor is Sylvia Wheeler Mallonee, a great-granddaughter of August Wittkopf who has shared her Wittkopf/Hellwig research and memorabilia. Our combined knowledge is presented in these pages.

Here is Richardís fatherís family tree:

(Click on the tree to open a full-resolution version in a new window.)