Clark project

Harry & Lill (Turnbaugh) Clark family pictures

This is our collection of pictures of Harry & Lill Clark and their children and grandchildren.  If you have pictures to add we'd very much like to hear from you.  We'll be happy to work with you on how to contribute copies of those pictures.  Contact Conrad (

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Harry & Lill

Left: Harry & Lill (Turnbaugh) Clark, ~1899.
Right:Lillie May Turnbaugh, late 1890's.

Harry Jr. and family, ~1941

Harry R. and Mary (Atkinson) Clark and children Betty and Richard, ~1941. (From the collection of Mary Atkinson Terrill, 1999.)

Harry & Lill and sons

Harry & Lill (Turnbaugh) Clark and sons Bill (next to Lill) and Harry Jr., ~1920.  (From the collection of Mary Atkinson Terrill, 1983.)