Clark project

Augustus Clark of Texas, Baltimore County, Maryland

by Conrad W. Terrill, &
Harry Richard Clark III,
& George James Clark,
22 Oct. 2012

Sources for much of the following may be found in the companion “records history.”

Augustus Clark was born between 1780 and 1790, probably nearer to 1790, and probably in St. Mary’s County, MD. We believe he had a brother John Clark, whom we know was born in St. Marys County, about 1788; also a brother Richard P., born about 1797, and a sister Elizabeth A., born between 1800 and 1804, who married Thomas Galloway in 1822. From sometime before 1820 to nearly 1850 they were all living in an area of Baltimore County which would by 1850 be called Texas, south of Cockeysville.

Augustus was married to Susan Whiteford on 29 Jan. 1818 by Rev. John Francis Moranville at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Fell’s Point, Baltimore. St. Patrick’s was at this time the most imposing church in the diocese (three years before the Basilica was consecrated). Susan was a daughter of Ann Whiteford, who too lived in Texas. By 1820, according to the federal census that year for District 2 of Baltimore County, the household of “Augustaveous” Clark held a free white male of age 26 to 44 (Augustus), two free white males under 10, a free while female 16 to 25 (Susan), and one 10 to 15, a free colored male 26 to 44 and a male slave 14 to 25. Two persons (Augustus and the free colored male, presumably) were engaged in agriculture, probably tobacco farming. Augustus’s household was enumerated four after that of Ann Whiteford, and was next after that of John Clark, where we believe his mother and his siblings lived at that time.

The children of Augustus and Susan (Whiteford) Clark, probably all born in Texas, with birth dates based on census data:

son, b. ~ 1818-1820
son, b. ~ 1818-1820
daughter, b. ~ 1820-1825
daughter, b. ~ 1820-1825
Robert Clark, b. ~1824/5
daughter, b. ~ 1825-1830
daughter, b. ~ 1825-1830
Susan Clark, b. ~1832/3
Elizabeth Clark, b. ~1833/4
Henry Clark, b. ~1836/7, or more likely 1830 to 1835
Charles Clark, b. ~1837/8, or more likely 1830 to 1835

In 1830 the “Augusta” (Augustus) Clark household was still in District 2. It held one free white male of age 40 to 49 (Augustus), one 10 to 14 and one 5 to 9, one free white female 30 to 39 (Susan), two 5 to 9 and two under five. In addition there were two male slaves 24 to 35, one 10 to 23 and two under 10, a female slave 24 to 35 and one under 10.

In 1840 the Augustus Clark household was still in District 2, and held one free white male 50 to 59 (Augustus), one 20 to 29, two 15 to 19 (Robert and another), and two 5 to 9 (who must have been Henry and Charles), a free white female 40 to 49 (Susan), one 15 to 19, two 10 to 14, one 5 to 9 and one under 5. In addition there was one free colored male of age 10 to 23 and one female slave 10-23. Five persons were engaged in agriculture, probably still tobacco farming.

In 1850, for the first time, the names of the members of the household are given, but the ages are in contradiction to those given in the previous censuses, and should be taken lightly. The household was now in Ward 20 of Baltimore (possibly Govanstown, where John Clark too was in 1850), and it was son Robert, 25, a laborer, who was listed as the head. After him appeared Susan, 50; Susan, 17; Eliz., 16; Henry, 13; Chs (Charles), 12; and Augustus, 53, also a laborer.

Augustus Clark died 27 Jan. 1858. Susan died 22 Aug. 1859, at age 62, while visiting at the home of her mother near Timonium in Baltimore County. Both are buired in New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore. Susan’s mother, Ann, died 28 Dec. 1861 at her home, and was buried at Govanstown.