Terrill Family History

This project traces Conrad’s paternal line ancestry, along with maternal branches (Skinner, Ferrin, Weld, etc.).  Conrad has been working on this, on and off (mostly off), since 1982.  His paternal line consists of (starting with his father): Ferrin Ward Terrill (b. 1905), Whitman Earl Terrill (b. 1882), Frederick Weld Terrill (b. 1853), Moses Weld Terrill (b. 1826), Moses Terrill (b. 1799), Timothy Terrill (b. 1770), Arad Terrill (b. 1750), Lewis Terrill (b. say 1709), Josiah Terrill (d. 1749), Thomas Terrill (b. 1656), and Roger Terrill, the immigrant-to-America ancestor, b. say ~1610. (For more information on the early members of this line, see Descendants of Roger Terrill (www.dor-terrill.net).) Conrad wants to write a history covering all of these people, and he’d love your help.  In addition, he’d like the history to cover the maternal line of each ancestor to whatever degree is practical.  The wives of Ferrin W. Terrill and W. Earl Terrill are covered in separate projects (Atkinson and Nadow), so here we start with the wife of Frederick W. Terrill, who was Mary Ida-Louise Skinner.  We’d like to know more about her, her parents Albert Skinner and Almira Wilcox Bailey, their ancestries, and Mary I. L.’s brothers and sisters. (You can find what we've collected so far on our Skinner Family History page.); The same goes for the wife of Moses Weld Terrill, who was Almira Ortensia Ferrin, daughter of John Ferrin and Hannah Jacobs.  The ancestry of Matilda Weld, the first wife of Moses Terrill, is well covered in Charles Frederick Robinson’s Weld Collections, published in 1938.  So for her we’d be interested in learning of whatever material may exist relating to her, personally, such as letters or what-have-you.  And we’re interested in Moses W. Terrill’s full-brother, Newton Alonzo Terrill.  Also, we’re interested in Moses Terrill’s second wife, Minerva Calkins, and their children Lester H. Terrill, Benjamin F. Terrill, Emily M. Terrill and Carlos B. Terrill.

We’re well aware that there has been a great deal already written about Terrill family history.  We certainly appreciate the lifts given to us.  What we’d like to do that’s different, or additional, is to fill in the detail of these few family histories, add source citations, sort out fact from hearsay, and add historical context.  In short, we want to make it interesting, within our limited scope.  Please join us.  Contact Conrad (cwterrill@comcast.net).

Here's some of what we've written and collected:

Terrill family picture collection

Michael Gray’s old Terrill family photo album (2008, PDF, 1.9 MB)

Marie Terrill Gray's scrapbook (2008, PDF, 3.8 MB)

Pictures from Cy Fowler's collection (2009, PDF, 973 KB)

The ID of unlabeled Terrill pictures, part 1, by CWT (2008, PDF, 2.7 MB)

The ID of unlabeled Terrill pictures, part 2, by CWT (2009, PDF, 1.1 MB)

The ID of unlabeled Terrill pictures, part 3, by CWT (2009, PDF, 514 KB)

1891 biographical sketch of Moses W. Terrill (PDF, 3.0 MB)

1903 biographical sketch of Moses W. Terrill (PDF, 3.6 MB)

1911 biographical sketch of Willis E. Terrill (PDF, 4.0 MB)

The following contains a good article on Alfred M. Bailey:
1903 biographical sketch of John E. Bailey (PDF, 7.9 MB)