Skinner story

Albert & Almira Skinner family pictures

Some of our earliest pictures are of the Albert and Almira (Bailey) Skinner family. One is an 1853 daguerreotype of the whole family. Another is an 1861 frame of ambrotypes of all eight members of the family (three of which had been replaced by later pictures). If you can add to our collection your contributions would be very welcome.

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The Albert & Almira Skinner family in the spring of 1853, a daguerrotype from the Barbara Parmelee collection. Mary Ida-Louise, the baby, was born on March 8th of that year.

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Albert, ~1861

Almira, ~1861

Pascal and wife Mary, ~1867

Henry and wife Clementine, late 1860's

Rose, ~1861

Maria, ~1861

Sylvia, ~1864

Mary I-L, ~1861

The family in the 1860’s, from a frame of ambrotypes taken about 1861, from the Cy Fowler collection. Sylvia’s picture had been replaced by an ambrotype taken around 1864, and Henry’s and Pascal’s had been replaced by tintypes of them with their wives taken later in the 1860’s. The image of Pascal is damaged because parts of the picture were stuck to the cover glass. The c. 1861 ambrotypes of Sylvia, Henry and Pascal are lost to us. Click here to see the original frame.

Rose, tintype, ~1869

Mary I-L, tintype, ~1869

Almira’s brother, Alfred M. Bailey, and his wife Frances F. (nee Mack), of Middlefield, in the early 1860’s

Alfred M. Bailey, carte de visite

H. W. Skinner & Bro. business card, late 1800’s, 3.5" by 2.3"

H. W. Skinner & Co. sign, late 1800’s, 15.5" by 9.3"

The Henry Skinner / Pascal Skinner duplex house, ca. late 1800's

An 1867 letter to Mary I-L from Thomas Atkins, author of History of Middlefield and Long Hill (1883)

Albert & Almira, albumen print carte de visite, c. 1863-1864

Almira Wilcox (Bailey) Skinner, tintype, ca. 1870

Rose Abigail (Skinner) Coe, ca. 1887, cabinet

Clementine (Miller) Skinner, carte de visite

Mary R. (Miller) Skinner, carte de visite