Gurka/Tomo/Hechko/Tomko pictures, as they appear in Barbara’s book:

(My apologies, I've run out of steam in getting these pictures up on this site.  If anyone would like any pictures in particular up here, let me know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), and I'll be happy to put those up.)


From chapter 1:

Tomko sisters in NY, 1910: Anna Maria, Sophia, Susanna (JPG, 693 KB)

Paul Tomko, 1926 (JPG, 457 KB)

John and Mary (Tomko) Poliacik, ~1909 (JPG, 587 KB)

Anna Tomko, ~1910 (JPG, 442 KB)

Sophie Tomko, early 1910’s (JPG, 562 KB)

Sophie Tomko and best friend Sophie Macko, early 1910’s (JPG, 590 KB)

Alzbeta (“Beta”) (Huska) Tomko, and daughter Mary, ~1913 (JPG, 730 KB)


From chapter 2:

Susan (Tomko) Hechko with daughters Martha & Mildred, ~1921 (JPG, 715 KB)

Mildred and Martha Hechko, ~1921 (JPG, 515 KB)

Mary (Tomko) Poliacik and son John, ~1912 (JPG, 528 KB)

John and Sophie (Tomko) Fano, 1917 (JPG, 514 KB)

Ann (Tomko) & Steve Kobezda, with Benjamin, Helen & Anna, ~1919 (JPG, 633 KB)

The Tomko sisters and their families, ~1922 (JPG, 1060 KB)

Louis & Wilhemina Czenkner, & Adolph, ~1919 (JPG, 608 KB)

Mike Tomko in his WWI uniform, ~1918 (JPG, 550 KB)

Sophie & John Fano, & Mildred, ~1922 (JPG, 541 KB)

John Fano, ~1920 (JPG, 438 KB)

Daniel Fano (father of John) (JPG, 459 KB)

John D. & Mildred Fano, ~1924 (JPG, 501 KB)

Benjamin, Helen & Anna Kobezda, ~1926 (JPG, 559 KB)

Paul Tomko, ~1928 (JPG, 492 KB)


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