Otto Hellwig family pictures


This is our collection of pictures of Otto Hellwig and descendants.  All of these, unless otherwise noted, are from the collection of Lucille Ritter, a descendant of Otto’s son Justus Wilhelm, whose niece, after Lucille's death, passed the collection on to Sylvia (Wheeler) Mallonee, a descendant of Otto’s daughter Eleanor.  We wish we had pictures of Eleanor and her husband, August Wittkopf, but we do not; however, we do have pictures of all her siblings.  If you can add to this collection in any way please contact Conrad ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  He’ll be happy to work with you.


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Otto Hellwig & 2nd wife,
circa late 1860's

Click here to see the annotation on the back, added by Charlotte Ritter.



Melsungen, c. 1900?

An old picture of Melsungen.  The bridge over the river Fulda and the Otto Hellwig house at its right end are visible at right center.  Click here to see the back.



1853 letter from Otto
to daughter Eleanor

(From the collection of Sylvia Wheeler Mallonee.)  This is a letter written by Otto Hellwig of Melsungen to his daughter Eleanor in Detroit, Michigan.  Eleanor had left Germany for America the year before.  Click on the image for further information and a link to a high-res version.



Left: Elisabeth (“Elise”) (Hellwig) Steinback, daughter of Otto.  Taken in a Baltimore studio (back).
Right: Christopher Hellwig, son of Otto, marked “Ashland, Kentucky” on back.




Otto Hellwig house
in Melsungen, Hesse

Click on the image for further information and a link to a high-res version.



Brooch—Melsungen scene

A brooch (2 by 1.5 in.) painted by Mina Elise (Hellwig) Ritter, granddaughter of Otto, depicting the Otto Hellwig house (right) at the end of the bridge over the river Fulda.



Justus & Sophie Hellwig's
store in Baltimore

Justus Wilhelm & Sophia (Edeler) Hellwig in front of their confectionary store at 416 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland.  (Back)



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