Conrad and Mary (Wolfe) Ells Family Pictures


This is our collection of pictures of Conrad and Mary Ells and their children (and spouses) and grandchildren.


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Conrad and Mary (Wolfe) Ells, of Oella, MD, c. 1907.



Left: Mary (Wolfe) Ells, c. 1865, Gettysburg, Pa.
Right: Mary (Wolfe) Ells, c. 1880’s



Left: Joseph Aloysius Ells, Sr. (1860-1915), ca. 1880-1885
Right: Joseph Aloysius Ells, Sr. (1860-1915), ca. 1895



Left: Joseph Aloysius Ells, Sr. (1860-1915)
Right: Gertrude L. (Tate) Ells (1866-1923)



Left: Gertrude Ells (b. 1892), ca. 1896
Right: Joseph Aloysius Ells, Jr. (1895-1974), ca. 1903



Left: Gertrude E. Ells (b. 1892), ca. 1904
Right: Joseph Aloysius Ells, Jr. (1895-1974)



A (non-bloodline) four-generation picture: Mary (Wolfe) Ells, daughter Elizabeth (Ells) Atkinson, granddaughter-in-law Margaret (Grindell) Atkinson, and great-granddaughter Margaret Lillian Atkinson (b. 6 Mar. 1907), in Baltimore, MD, at the time of the christening.




Conrad Ells and his son-in-law August Wallenhorst (husband of daughter Amelia), circa 1900.



Left: Elizabeth (Ells) Atkinson (~1853-1931)
Right: Mary Ells (b. 1862), ca. 1890



Left: Mary Ells (b. 1862)
Right: Cecilia (Ells) and Charles Holden, m. ~1895



Elizabeth (Ells) Atkinson (~1853-1931)



Left: Joseph Aloysius Ells, Sr. (1860-1915), death notice, Baltimore American, 1 Feb. 1915
Right: Monsignor Joseph Aloysius Ells, Jr. (1895-1974), marking 45th year in preisthood



An unidentified picture. Do you know who this might be? The date of the picture is about 1893 to 1904, since that was when the Russell studio in Baltimore was at 109 West Lexington. The picture, in Margaret Atkinson Brady’s collection, came from her parents, and must be someone known to her father, Conrad Aloysius Atkinson, since her mother, Margaret M. (Grindell), came to Baltimore from Pittsburgh after 1900 and had no family in Baltimore. We think it is picture of an Atkinson or an Ells relative. Let us know if you can help identify it, or even if you have an unidentified picture of the same person. Contact Conrad ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


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