The death record for Georg Wilhelm Riede

Source: Katholische Kirche Oppau (BA. Frankenthal) parish registers, Tote (deaths) 1799-1851, on film LDS FHL 343808.  The page was headed "Defuncti in Oppau. 1832."

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Transcription, by Conrad Terrill, 6 Mar. 2011

§ 4.

(in left margin: Georgius Wilhelmus Riede, 18 Martii)

Anno Domini millisimo octingentisimo trigisimo secundo, die decimo octavo

Martii obiit in Oppau omnibus moribundorum sacramentis riti manitus

Georgius Wilhelmus Riede, Praetor hujus loci, Conjux adhu vivatis

Christina Seitz, oriundus ex Oppau, annorum quinquginta quinque

aetatis, qui die vigesimo prima jusdem in coemetario hujus loci se:

pultus est.

Ita testor, Neisenzahl

Rough translation from Latin, by Conrad Terrill, 6 Mar. 2011

(in left margin: Georg Wilhelm Riede, 18 March)

In the year 1832, on 18 March, died in Oppau (with all the sacramental rites performed at his death)?,

Georg Wilhelm Riede, Mayor of this place, husband of the still living

Christina Seitz (or possibly Leitz); a native of Oppau, 55 years of age,

who on the 21st day was properly buried in the cemetery of this place.

So witnessed, Neisenzhal

Comments, Conrad Terrill, 6 Mar. 2011

This certainly appears to be a death record for the Georg Wilhelm Riede who was born 6 June 1776 and married Maria Catherina Gönnheimer on 16 Nov. 1803. 1  We don't yet know how he happened to be married to Christina Seitz at the time of his death, in 1832.


1.  Zur Geschichte der Stadt Ludwigshafen am Rhein (The [genealogical] history of the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein), vol 28, series B: Die Einwohner von Oppau und Edigheim (The people of Oppau and Edigheim), 1480-1813, by Oskar Poller (Frankfurt a. M.: 1982/83), p. 369, no. 2578.  Georg Wilhelm Riede, son of Conrad Lorenz Riede and wife Elisabetha, was born in Oppau on 6 June 1776.  On 16 Nov. 1803 he married Maria Catharina Gönnheimer, b. 3 Dec. 1782, daughter of Valentin Gönnheimer, husbandman (farmer), and wife Anna Maria.  Their daughter, Elisabeth, was born 16 May 1807 in Oppau.

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