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This project traces the ancestry of Judy’s mother’s mother’s mother’s parents, William & Sophie (Jaquillard) Hauch.  Judy got off to an excellent start in December 1971 when she went to visit her mother’s great-aunt, Anna Sophia Blair, daughter of Andrew Marshall Blair and Emma Magdalena (nee Hauch), and granddaughter of William and Sophie.  Anna was the family historian, and at age 93 she was happy to hand off the responsibilities to Judy.  She let Judy borrow and copy her notes, which you can read yourself by clicking on the link below.  Anna died within a year of Judy’s visit.  Judy regards her as a family history heroine.

Click here to view a transcript and a photocopy of Anna Sophia Blair’s Hauch family notes.

 Anna Sophia Blair


William and Sophie (Jaquillard) Hauch, of Newark, NJ, in the 1800s

William Henry Joseph Hauch was born Franz Georg Wilhelm Haug on 6 January 1823 in Oppau, Bavaria, Germany—the illegimate son of Luisa Haug, of Löchgau, Württemberg, Germany.  He came to America in 1845 and married Sophie Jaquillard in New York City (probably), in 1847.  He and Sophie raised a large family—four sons (who reached adulthood) and five daughters—in Newark, NJ.  He worked for the John Buttikofer piano-forte company in New York City from perhaps the time he arrived in America until the day he retired, a period of almost fifty years, we think.  Our story of William Hauch and his family is based on records and on stories passed down in the family to William Hauch’s granddaughters, two of whom (one was Anna Sophia Blair) Judy’s mother interviewed in the 1970’s.

Read our full story of William & Sophie (Jaquillard) Hauch . . .

New, 5 May 2017:  Two years ago we received a tip on the origins of Sophie Jaquillard. We believe this turned out to be a good lead, and it led further (we believe) to a fairly full ancestral tree. You can read all about this via links in our full story of Willam and Sophie (Jaquillard) Hauch (see link above).

New, 24 May 2011:  We’ve recently heard from William McClafferty, who while looking for information on his great-great-grandfather William Befuhs stumbled upon the 1857 letter on our web site, the one to William Hauch from his foster mother, Katharina Riede.  William has provided new and interesting information concerning Carl Befuhs, mentioned in the letter, whose wife was another Katherina Riede!  Click here to read about all the interesting new connections.

New, 6 Mar. 2011:  Elaine (Hauch) Raines, a descendant of William Hauch’s son Edward, has contributed some wonderful new records, including:  1) an 1857 letter to Wilhelm Hauch from his foster mother, Katherina Riede, in Oppau; 2) photocopies of the actual family records pages from the William Hauch family Bible; and 3) a photocopy of Wilhelm Hauch’s own original 1852 naturalization certificate.

And here are the pieces of the story, all that we have collected so far, including articles, records (with transcriptions and translations where needed), and pictures:


William Hauch's origins and ancestry

Letter to Wm. Hauch from his foster mother, Katharina Riede, 1857

The John Buttikofer Piano-Forte Company



Photocopies of family record pages from the William Hauch family Bible (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Civil birth registration record for Wilhelm Haug, 6 Jan. 1823

Baptism record for Wilhelm Haug, 6 Jan. 1823

Baptism record for Luisa Haug, mother of William Hauch, bapt. 23 Jan. 1795

Marriage record for Johann Michael Haug and Johanna Christiana Spielmann, parents of Luisa Haug, 10 Sep. 1776

Death record for Georg Wilhelm Riede (mayor of Oppau and possibly foster father of Wilhelm Haug), 18 Mar. 1832

Nota Bene: For the following images of records, see A Records History of the William Hauch family for documention.

1845 NY Ship’s Passenger List, a Wilhelm Hauck, passenger 99 (JPEG, 1.5 MB)

1850 Census – William Hagg (Hauch), family 1279 (JPEG, 1.1 MB)

Naturalization certificate for Wm. Hauch, 1852  (PDF, 1.2 MB, a copy of the original possessed by Wm. Hauch himself.)

1860 Census – William Houke (Hauch), dwelling 267 (JPEG, 1.2 MB)

1870 Census – William Hauch, family 316 (JPEG, 1.3 MB)

1880 Census – William Hauch, family 53 (JPEG, 1.5 MB)

1900 Census – William Hauch, family 21 (JPEG, 1.4 MB)

Marriage record for Andrew Blair and Emma Hauch, 1878.  (JPEG, 975 KB)  This record gives Sophie Jaquillard’s “Country of Origin” as “Strasburg.”

Death certificate for William Hauch, 1906.  (JPEG, 989 KB)

Death certificate for Sophie Hauch, 1905.  (JPEG, 960 KB)


Musical Instrument Makers of NYC—John Buttikofer, some paragraphs from a book by Nancy Groce, 1991.  (PDF, 218 KB)


Note: Click on a picture to open a high-resolution version in a new window.

William Hauch (b. 1823, Oppau, Germany), circa 1880s.

William and Sophie (Jaquillard) Hauch Family Pictures.  (Pictures of the children, their spouses and their families.)

Buttikofer Piano-Forte Company Pictures

The University of Vienna in the mid-1800s, from a print found by Judy at an antique bookstore in Vienna in 2004. (JPEG, 955 KB)

Tombstones - William and Sophie Hauch.  (JPEG, 188 KB)

Map - Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, NJ, showing locations of Hauch and Blair tombstones.  (JPEG, 1.0 MB)

Our Hauch Wish List

Picture of Sophie Jaquillard Hauch

Information, pictures of David Jaquillard and his Newark, New Jersey brewery (Lorenz & Jaquillard)

Pictures of Buttekofer pianos, especially the wood carvings

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