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William Hauch’s origins and ancestry

by Judy and Conrad Terrill, 21 Jan. 2011

We know from Anna Sophia Blair’s transcriptions from the Hauch family Bible that William Henry Joseph Hauch was born 6 Jan. 1823 in Oppau, Germany.  We also know that he was brought up Catholic, and attended the University of Vienna, studying to become a Catholic priest.  So someone of means must have been backing his education.  Beyond that we knew nothing, until the end of October 2010 when we spent a week at Salt Lake City, UT, and visited the Latter-day Saints Family History Library (LDS FHL), to find out more.  We had limited time, since Judy was there for a conference and Conrad was mostly busy with his Terrill family history, but we still found some very interesting records.1

First, we found a civil birth registration record for a “William Hauch” born 6 Jan. 1823 in Oppau, but his name was actually Franz Georg Wilhelm Haug.  This has to be the right person because only 17 births were registered in Oppau in 1823, and only two in January (the other was born 18 Jan.)—and the odds must be incredibly small that this is not him.  In the 1850 U.S. Census his surname is actually spelled “Hagg.”  And in German, “Haug” would sound very much like “Hauck,” so the pronunciation is right.  So this is him.  The record is very interesting.  William’s mother, Louisa Haug, was 27 years old, unemployed and unmarried, so William’s birth was illegitimate.  Louisa was born in Löchgau, Württemberg (in southern Germany), and was residing there at 21 Kirchgasse, so it’s a mystery why she went to Oppau, 50 miles northwest, to give birth to her child.  It was the midwife, Anna Marie Wode, who registered the birth with the mayor of Oppau, whose name, George Wilhelm Riede, is curiously close to that of Louisa’s new-born.  The second record we found, an Oppau Catholic baptism record, tells us that the godfather (the person who lifted the baby from the holy font) was Franz Georg Wilhelm Riede, whom we presume to be a son of the mayor (see references 3 and 4).  This person might have been the father of the child who was of course named after him, but we can’t say for sure based on such scant evidence.  We can say that Georg Wilhelm Riede the mayor was 46 years old in 1823, old enough to have a son who could have been the father of Franz Georg Wilhelm Haug.2-4

Loisa Haug, daughter of citizen and wine gardener Johann Michael Haug and wife Johanna Christiana, nee Spielmann, was born on 22 Jan. 1795 and baptized the next day at the Lutheran Church at Löchgau.  She was born eighteen years after her parents married.  Johann Michael, legitimate son of  citizen and wine gardener Jacob Haug, married Johanna Christiana, single daughter of Johann Melchior Spielmann, on 10 Sept. 1776 at the Lutheran Church in Notzingen, Württemberg, 28 miles southeast of Löchgau.5,6

We looked for a marriage record and a death record for Luisa Haug in Oppau, but found nothing.  We’ve read on an Ancestry.com posting that William Hauch was a foster child, but no source information was given, so we do not know if this is true.  William Hauch and Sophia Jaquillard named their first daughter Louisa in 1853.7


1.  Transcriptions of Anna Sophia Blair’s notes on the William Hauch family of Newark, NJ, in the 1800s, by Conrad Terrill, Feb. 2010.  (This link leads to a photocopy of ASB's notes.)

2.  Zivilstandsregister, 1810-1901, Oppau (Bayern), Standesamt; Geburten 1815-1850, LDS FHL film # 1258147.  See The civil birth registration record for William Hauch (Franz Georg Wilhelm Haug).

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4.  Zur Geschichte der Stadt Ludwigshafen am Rhein (The [genealogical] history of the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein), vol 28, series B: Die Einwohner von Oppau und Edigheim (The people of Oppau and Edigheim), 1480-1813, by Oskar Poller (Frankfurt a. M.: 1982/83), p. 369, no. 2578.  Georg Wilhelm Riede, son of Conrad Lorenz Riede and wife Elisabetha, was born in Oppau on 6 June 1776.  On 16 Nov. 1803 he married Maria Catharina Gönnheimer, b. 3 Dec. 1782, daughter of Valentin Gönnheimer, husbandman (farmer), and wife Anna Maria.  Their daughter, Elisabeth, was born 16 May 1807 in Oppau.  Elisabeth was the only child of Georg Wilhelm Riede listed in this reference.  However, son Vallentin Riede is mentioned in the 23 Dec. 1822 baptism record for Vallentin Effler.  We presume that Franz Georg Riede, young man of Oppau in 1823, was another son of Georg Wilhelm Riede not listed in this reference.  (See reference 3, including its link to a photocopy of the original page.)

5.  Kirchenbuch, 1579-1975, Evangelische Kirche Löchgau (Württemberg), Taufen 1693-1807, on LDS FHL film # 1184942.  See The baptism record for Luisa Haug, mother of William Hauch.

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7.  Ancestry.com Hauch Family posting by Elaine Raines, 27 Oct. 2000, mentioned that William Hauch was a foster child.  http://boards.ancestry.com/surnames.hauch/1.2.3/mb.ashx (Ancestry.com subscription required).