Hauch Project

The baptism record for William Hauch (Franciscus Georgius Wilhelmus Haug)

transcribed and translated by Conrad Terrill, 20 Jan. 2011

Parish register of the Catholic Church at Oppau, Bavaria, Germany, 1800-1850, LDS FHL film # 343806

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Transcription of the Latin

Januarius [1823]

Franciscus Georgius Wilhelmus.

Die sexta januarii natus et baptizatus est franciscus

georgius wilhelmus, filius luisa Haug, nata in

Lochgau ditionis Würtemberg :  levante é sacra fonte

francisco georgio Wilhelmo Riede Adolescente ex oppau

English translation

January [1823]

Franz Georg Wilhelm [surname omitted]

On the sixth day of January was born and baptized Franz

Georg Wilhelm, son of Luisa Haug, born in

Löchgau under the jurisdiction of Würtemberg : lifted from the holy font by

Franz Georg Wilhelm Riede young man of Oppau


1.  If Franz Georg Wilhelm was of legitimate birth (son of a married couple) the record would have read "filius legitimus" (legitimate son), and not simply "filius."  And his surname would have been included in the left margin. 

2.  In the second baptism record above this one, on the same page, (for Vallentin Effler, bapt. 23 Dec. 1822), the person who lifted the baby from the holy font was Vallentin Riede, young man and son of Georg Wilhelm Riede.  We presume that Franz Georg Wilhelm Riede, the young man of Oppau who lifted Franz Georg Wilhelm Haug from the holy font, was another son of Georg Wilhelm Riede.  The new-born was of course named after him.