Buttikofer story

Buttikofer Piano-Forte Company Pictures

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All these pictures were contributed by John Buttikofer, great-grandson of Johann Buttikofer the founder of the Buttikofer piano-forte business in New York City in the 1800’s.

Left above: The Buttikofer Piano-Forte Company in NYC in the 1800’s.  Most probable identities of individuals (left to right): 1) John W. Buttikofer; 2) his father, Johann Buttikofer, founder of the business; 3) Robert LeFeure, proprietor of the “Music Library” in the photograph; 4) Thomas Lock; 5) his son, James Lock, who owned the Upholstery shop in the photo.  The photo at right above is from the same original, but is cropped to show just the Buttikofer shop.

Left above:  An 1879 Bill of Sale for a piano sold to the Lock family, who ran a shop just below the Buttikofer piano-forte company.  Right above:  A view of a Buttikofer piano.  Below:  More views.