Records history for Harry R. Clark I & Lillie Mae Turnbaugh


(Conrad W. Terrill, last updated 12 Dec. 2011)


1877-05-12:  Birth of Harry R. Clark (I), 12 May 1877 at Arlington. MD (see 1918-09-12b

 and 1932-08-25).


1879-07-14:  Birth of Lillie Mae Turnbaugh, 14 Jul. 1879, Balto. Co., MD (see 1955-08-14).


1879-10-25:  Lillie Mae Turnbaugh was bapt. 25 Oct. 1879 at St. John’s Catholic Church, Long Green Valley, Balto. Co., MD.


1899-08-16:  Harry Richard Clark m. Lillie May Turnbaugh on 16 Aug. 1899, according to the William & Anna (Cochran) Turnbaugh family Bible.


1900-06-01b:  US Census, 11th Dist., Balto. Co., MD, 7 Jun. 1900

Harry R. Clarke, head, b. May 1877, age 23, m. 2 yrs., MD, MD, MD, Day Laborer

Lilly M. [Clarke], wife, b. Jul. 1879, age 20, m. 2 yrs., MD, MD, MD

Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Election District 11, Baltimore City (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: T623_607; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 48.  ( image)


1900-07-07:  William Robert Clark was b. 7 Jul. 1900 at Dulaney’s Valley, Balto. Co., MD, according to baptismal records at Trinty (Episcopal) Church, Long Green, MD.


1905-10-21:  Harry Richard Clark, Jr., was b. 21 Oct. 1905 at Dulaney’s Valley, and bapt. 1 Apr. 1906, per baptismal records at Trinty (Episcopal) Church, Long Green.


1910-04-15b:  US Census, 2d Prec., 11th Dist., Balto. Co., MD, 5 May 1910, Dulaney Valley Pike

Harry (E.?) [R.] Clark, 33, m1. 11 yrs., MD, MD, MI, farmer, general farm, rents farm

Lillie M. [Clark], head, 30, m1. 11 yrs, 2 born, 2 living, MD, MD, MD

William R. [Clark], wife, 9, MD, MD, MD

Harry R. [Clark], son, 4, MD, MD, MD

Harry Ervin, hired man, 52, single, PA, PA, PA, laborer, general farm

Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Election District 10, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: T624_551; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 0037; Image: 650; FHL Number: 1374564.  ( image)


1918-09-12b1: WWI Draft Registration Card, Baltimore, MD:  Harry Richard Clark, Parkton, Balto., MD, 41, b. May 12, 1877, (Farmer)?, for self, Parkton, Balto. MD, Nearest rel.: Lilly M. Clark, Parkton, Balto., MD, height: med., build: (large)?, eyes: blue, hair: dark, 12 Sep. 1918.  Source Citation: Registration Location: Baltimore County, Maryland; Roll: 1684197; Draft Board: 1.  ( image)


1918-09-12b2: WWI Draft Registration Card, Baltimore, MD:  William Robert Clark, 18, b. 7 Jul. 1900, Ford Mechanic, Backers Motor Co., 1020 E. North Ave., Balto., MD; nearest rel.: Lillie M. Clark (mother), Parkton, Balto. Co., MD, tall, med. build, gray eyes, brown hair.  Reg. 12 Spe. 1918.  Source Citation: Registration Location: Baltimore County, Maryland; Roll: 1684238; Draft Board: 4.  ( image)


1920-01-01b:  US Census, 7th Dist., Prec. 2, Balto. Co., MD, 11 + 12 Jan. 1920, farm on Massimore Road.

Harry R. Clark, head, 42, married, MD, MD, MI, farmer, general farm, employer, owns farm, mortgaged

Liily M. [Clark], wife, 40, married, MD, MD, IL, none

Harry R. [Clark] Jr., son, 14, single, MD, MD, MD, none

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Election District 7, Baltimore, Maryland; Roll: T625_655; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 25; Image: 86.  ( image)


1920-01-01e:  1920 US Census, Ward 27, Balto. City, MD, 6+7 Jan. 1920

   (see 1920-01-01e in Robert Clark records history)

William R. Clark, nephew, 19, single, MD, MD, MD, mechanic, garage, was in the John W. Warfel household

Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Baltimore Ward 27, Baltimore (Independent City), Maryland; Roll: T625_669; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 451; Image: 102.  ( image)


1930-04-01b1:  1930 US Census, 7th Dist. Balto. Co., MD, 11 Apr. 1930

Harry Clark, head, 52, divorced, MD, MD, MD, farmer, general farm, employer, not a veteran of US military or naval forces.

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Election District 7, BaltimoreMaryland; Roll: 846; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 33; Image: 342.0.  ( image)


1930-04-01b2:  1930 US Census, 9th Dist. (Towson), 11 Apr. 1930, 419 East Joffa Road

Wm. R. Clark, head, owns, $8000, have radio, not a farm,, 29, 22 when 1st m., MD, MD, MD, mechanic, auto, wages, not a veteran of US military or naval forces.

Lillie C. [Clark], wife, 27, 20 when 1st m., MD, MD, MD, none

Lillie C. [Clark], dau., 2 11/12, MD, MD, MD

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Election District 9, BaltimoreMaryland; Roll: 846; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 42; Image: 799.0.  ( image)


1930-04-01-b3:  1930 US Census, 9th Dist. (Towson), Balto. Co., MD, 15 Apr. 1930, 102 Susquehanna Ave.

Harry J. [R.] Clark, head, rents, not a farm, 24, single, MD, MD, MD, stock clerk, press mfg., wages, not a veteran.

Lily [Clark], 51, married, age 20 when 1st married, MD, MD, IN, seamstress, dress making, wages

(Renting in the Horace Belcher house.  Horace, 29, had wife and two sons, ages 5 and 3.)

Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Election District 9, BaltimoreMaryland; Roll: 846; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 42; Image: 807.0.  ( image)


1932-08-25a:  Death cert., Harry Richard Clark, State of Md., d. at Lutherville, Balto. Co., res. Parkton; married; wife: Lillie Clark; b. 12 May 1877, age 65 yrs, 3 mos., 13 days; occupation: farmer; birthplace: Arlington, MD, father: Robert Clark, b. Balto. Co., MD; mother: Adaline Wittkopf, b. Detroit, MI; informant: Mrs. Harry R. Clark, addr: (Towson)?, MD.


1932-08-25b:  Tombstone, Trinity Episcopal Church Cem., Long Green, Balto Co., MD.  “CLARK / HARRY R. CLARK / 1877 – 1932 ‘ HIS WIFE / LILLIE MAY TURNBAUGH / 1879-1955.”  Find A Grave memorial# 31671666, created by Pege, added 2008.


1955-08-14:  Death cert., Lillie M. Clark, Balto. City Health Dept., reg. no. 55 7269; d. 14 Aug. 1955 (8 AM); place of death: 723 E Arlington Ave.; length of stay in Balto.: (7)? yrs.; female, white, widowed; usual occupation: housewife; kind of business: home; father’s name: Wm Turnbaugh; SSN: 217-26-2972; usual res.: 723 Arlington Ave., Balto., MD; date of birth: 14 Jul. 1879, age 76; birthplace: Balto. Co., MD; citizen of USA; mother’s maiden name: Mary Cochran; informant: Wm. R. Clark, 508 Yarmouth; bur. 17 Aug. 1955, Trinity Cem., Long Green, MD.


1955-08-15:  Death notice, Balto. Eve. Sun, Mon., 15 Aug. 1955, p. 29.  “CLARK.—On August 14, 1955, at her home, 723 East Arlington Ave., / LILLIE M., beloved wife of the late Harry R. Clark, Sr.  17e / Services at the Burns Funeral Home, 610 York Rd., Towson, / on Wednesday at 11 AM.  Interment in Trinity Cemetery, Long / Green.”


1966-10-23:  Death cert., Harry Richard Clark, Balto. City Health Dept. Medical Examiner’s Certificate of Death, reg. no. 66 10786, d. 23 Oct. 1966, 3:50 AM, at University Hospital; usual res.: 744 W. Pratt St., Balto. MD; male, white, divorced; usual occupation: foreman, salvage company; date of birth: 21 Oct. 1905, age 61; birthplace: Maryland, USA; mother’s maiden name: Lillie M. Turnbaugh; deceased never in US Armed Forces; informant: family records; burial: 26 Oct. 1966, Trinity Episcopal Cem., Long Green, Balto. Co., MD.


?1970-11-xxb: SSDI: William Clark, SSN 217-01-5809, last res.: Baltimore, MD 21204, b. 7 Jul. 1900, d. Nov. 1970, issued MD (before (1951).  (Right person?)