Catalani Family History

Charles A. Catalani (c. 1846 - 1905) was Judy's mother's grandfather, and Elizabeth (nee Kehoe, 1862-1932) was his wife. Charles was born in Italy, the son of Alessandro Catalani and Angeline (nee Menchine). And Angeline was born in England, in 1822, to Bartholomew Menchine and Louise (nee Lilbourne). We know little about Alessandro and Angeline, but we know a lot about Bartholomew and Louise. Their story (including the little we know about Alessandro and Angeline) is on this page:

Bartholomew Menchine and Louise Lilbourne

Elizabeth Kehoe was the daughter of Peter Kehoe (1810-1865) and Elizabeth (nee Doyle, 1814-1905), both of whom were born in Ireland and lived in Belleville, NJ, after emigrating to the U.S. Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Doyle. Mary, whose maiden surname we do not know, was born about 1777 in Ireland and died 6 Mar. 1868 in Bergen, NJ.